Mark Leach - Rector

Mark joined the family at Darling St in May 2015. He brings a rich and varied life and ministry experience to his role as Rector. Born in Zambia to Roman Catholic and Jewish parents, he grew up in Zimbabwe and South Africa, coming to a life-changing faith in Jesus as Messiah and God at age 15. A couple of years at Medical School were followed by a God guiding him to Sydney to study theology at Moore College. Marriage to Margo, 2 children, ordination as an Anglican cleric, service in churches in Sydney, Melbourne and Toronto, Canada, a couple of decades and he's back in Sydney.

In addition to his role as Rector, Mark works as a leadership consultant and executive/life coach. You can check out this part of his life at 

Mark loves romantic dinners, red wine, long walks on sunset beaches and world peace (wait, sorry, been watching too many old romcoms on Netflix...:))

Jo Bolton – Small Group and Pastoral Care Director

Jo has been a member of Darling St Anglican for many years, joining shortly after becoming a Christian in her mid 20s. Jo has immersed herself in the church community through leading bible study groups and prayer ministry. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Ministry at Morling College. Jo’s professional background is in graphic design, software design, IT and training.

Jo loves life – with all its complexities, messiness, beauty and joy. She thrives on connection and has a deep conviction of our human dignity, which she believes is a precious gift God has given to everyone, no matter their life circumstance.

In partnership with her husband Mark, Jo juggles work, study, family, school age children and a delightfully enthusiastic dog. In her spare time you can find Jo bush walking, hanging out with friends and poking around in the garden.

Wendy Coleman – Small Group and Pastoral Care Director

Wendy has been a member of the Darling St Anglican community for over 11 years. During this time she married an adorable musical Irishman, Kealan, adopted 3 dogs (that was a crazy idea) and had a wonderful baby girl.

Wendy has a Vocational Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling from St Mark’s National Theological Centre and operates a private counselling practice through the church. Wendy’s background is in event management, project management and Christian Counselling, making her a lovely fit for the pastoral care role at Darling St Anglican. She has a heart for people and believes it is an absolute privilege to walk alongside someone in need. 

Wendy’s interests are around friends, good conversations, reading, coffee, yummy food and baking… and sometimes this happens all at once!

Tom Hodgson - Associate Minister: Families, Children and Youth 

Tom grew up in Cape Town, South Africa and trained for ministry there at George Whitfield College. He is our Children’s and Youth Minister, and he rather not be doing anything else. Nobody really believes him when he tries to tell them that he is an ordained minister, and he’s perfectly OK with that. Tom recently became an Australian, and he now supports both the Wallabies (when in South Africa) and the Springboks (when in Australia).

Tom is passionate about good coffee, and young people discovering who Jesus is and what it means for them to live as God’s people. He doesn’t take much else seriously.    

Liz Raymond - Business Manager

Liz has been a resident of Lilyfield for over 25 years and for the last ten has worked in church administration and financial managementLiz started her career in marketing and PR in the IT industry with a few years spent in the UK.  After having her two boys, she re-trained as a bookkeeper and contracted to mainly creative businesses and NFP's.  She has also studied Ministry (Leadership) via a local church facilitator by Alpha Crucis College.

Liz became a Christian here at Darling Street Anglican Church.  She is married with with two boys and spends most of her spare time in the kitchen.  The rest of the time, she's at the gym working off her time in the kitchen.  She has a passion for local Church community and loves to see people find their place in the church.   

Joel Williams - Music Director

Joel grew up in a family of musicians and brings to Darling St 20+ years experience as a professional musician, a passion to build the church into a worshipping community served by gifted, humble and excellent musicians and artists, and wonderful gifts as a pianist and vocalist and leader of musicians. 


You can contact Mark in the following ways:
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twitter: @markleach


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