Sharing Our Lives

Study Notes

Getting started

  • What do you remember from the sermon on Sunday?
  • What did you find surprising? What did you find challenging?
  • How was your heart touched as you met with your church family this week?

The discipline of community

Read 1 Corinthians 12:12-27

  • What is appealing or unappealing about being an independent operator? (As in, NOT in community)
  • What kind of connection does Christ want you to have with Christian brothers and sisters?
  • How does the life you are living now reflect the value Jesus places on belonging to the family of God?
  • When has the body of Christ nurtured and sustained you? What was that like for you?
  • ·What gifts do you bring to the body of Christ?

Practicing community

  • Spend some time thinking about people in your life who have helped you grow. Thank God for them. Write a thank you card or note and send it to them.

The discipline of discipleship

Read Matthew 28:19-20

  • What do you think the difference is between being a Christian and being a disciple?
  • What do you desire about being a disciple of Jesus?
  • What do you fear about being a disciple of Jesus?
  • The words discipline and disciple come from the same root. What is your reaction to the word discipline?
  • Who do you want to become? What do you want to be remembered for when you die?
  • How are you intentionally partnering with God to become who he intended you to be?

Practicing discipleship

  • Spend some time thinking about which disciplines resonate with the desires of your heart (the list on pages 13-16 of the Spiritual Disciplines handbook can help here). Think about how you could incorporate these disciplines into the routine of your life. Share with a friend and ask them to ask you about it in a month’s time.