We believe that gathering together with a smaller group of followers of Jesus, to study the bible, to share your struggles and your joys, to hold each other accountable for your spiritual and personal growth, to pray with and for each other, all in the context of honesty and grace and love, is incredibly important to our spiritual growth and development. 

We like to think of these groups as something of a cross between a book club and a 12 steps recovery group. We study a book (the bible and associated books) but we do it as a bunch of sinners in recovery, learning together how to live our new life as children of God, .Direction, accountability, honesty, grace, vulnerability, healing, acceptance are all characteristic of our groups. 

We call these groups "smallgroups" or "homegroups" or "lifegroups". Some other churches call the "community groups" or "bible study groups". They are open to anyone who want to make the commitment to actively participate. Typically this commitment is for 12 months, but it is totally fine to move groups if you find that your schedule changes, or that the group just doesn't "click" for you.

If you'd like us to help you find a group to join, please fill in the form below with as much detail as would be helpful.

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