Betrayal - healed and made whole - Mark 14:12-26

Study Notes

From last week

  • Did you do anything differently this week, as a result of last week’s time together?

Getting started

  • What was this week’s sermon about?
  • Has God prompted anything in you as a result of the sermon?
  • Was there anything you disagreed with?

Look at the text

Read Mark 14: 12-26

  • What is the Festival of Unleavened Bread and what is the Passover? Read Exodus 12:1-30 and also Leviticus 23:4-8
  • Why do you think God commanded Israel to commemorate this event every year?
  • Imagine yourself at the meal with Jesus. You have been his disciple for a long time. You are very close. How do you think you would feel when he says ‘One of you is going to betray me?’
  • Who do you think is in control of Judas’ betrayal? God certainly has a plan, but does Judas also have free will?
  • How about your choice to be a follower of Christ? Was that a gift from God? Was that of your own free will?
  • Does this have any implication about how we pray for people to be Christians?
  • Back to betrayal, how do you think Jesus felt when he revealed that he knew one of his close friends was going to betray him?
  • In what ways do we betray Jesus?
  • What did Jesus do in the face of betrayal? (Hint: look at the quick succession between the betrayal in verse 20-21 and what Jesus says in the very next verses)
  • What is the covenant that Jesus is referring to? Read Jeremiah 31:31-34.
  • What are God’s promises made in this covenant?
  • Why do we celebrate communion in church? Read 1 Corinthians 11:23-26.
  • What is your experience of celebrating communion in church? Do you think we do it too much? Not enough? Does it have meaning to you or has it seemed confusing or ‘old fashioned’?
  • As Mark pointed out in the sermon, our God is unique in that he has personally experienced pain and rejection more excruciating than we will ever know. How important is it to you that God can relate is such a personal way? How does it help / not help?
  • As well as relating to our suffering, what has Jesus done about it?
  • If Jesus has taken the rejection we deserve from God, and exchanged it with absolute acceptance, what impact does this have on your capacity to love other people?
  • What difference does this make if you put yourself out there and you are rejected?

Finishing up

  • Has anything discussed today had an impact on you?
  • Spend some time prayerfully reflecting on our own betrayal of Jesus and the lengths he has gone to in response.