Resurrection - Mark 16:1-8

Study Notes

Before you start

This week is a bit different. Instead of a series of questions asked by the leader, this week all the questions are going to be laid out on display and as a group, you are going to choose which ones you want to answer and in what order. So in preparation for the study, please print the second page of this document and cut out the questions.

Getting started

  • What impact has Easter had on you this year?
  • Did you discover anything that you had now known / felt / understood before?
  • Was there anything about Easter you found challenging?

Getting into it

  • Read Mark 16:1-8
  • Lay the individual questions out on a table, in front of the group.
  • Ask one member of the group to choose a question, then invite everyone who is comfortable to answer the question for themselves.
  • Repeat for as many (or as few) of the questions you like.


(Print these on a sheet so you can them up individually)

  • In the sermon, Mark gave reasons for believing in Jesus' resurrection. Why do you?
  • Tell us about when you first became friends with Jesus?
  • Tell us about someone who has been a faith mentor to you.
  • What does resurrection mean to you?
  • Where have you seen resurrection in your life or around you?
  • What needs to die in your life?
  • What has the creation story got to do with resurrection?
  • What needs resurrection in your life?