A Beautiful Thing - Mark 14:1-11

Sermon Study Notes

From last week

  • Did you do anything differently this week, as a result of last week’s time together?

Getting started

  • What was this week’s sermon about?
  • What did it make you think or feel?
  • Has God prompted anything in you as a result of the sermon?
  • Was there anything you disagreed with?

Look at the text

Read Mark 14: 1 - 11

  • Who is plotting to kill Jesus?
  • Why do they want to do this?
  • Look at the structure of this passage. Read verses 1 & 2, and then read verses 10 & 11. How does the attitude toward Jesus’ death in these verses differ from the attitude of the woman in verses 6 – 9?
  • What did the woman do for Jesus? Why do you think she did this?
  • As well as the woman’s motivation, how does Jesus describe the bigger picture going on? (Hint: verse 8)
  • In the sermon, how did Mark describe the worth of the perfume? Listen from 17:45 – 20:45 if you need a refresher.
  • What do you think about the woman spending that much money on Jesus?
  • Do you think this passage is saying we should give away everything we own? In your discussion also read Acts 2:42-47 and 1 Timothy 5:8.
  • In light of verse 7, how would you respond to a person who said to you “I never give money to alleviate the suffering of the poor, I only ever give my money for the purposes of evangelism?”
  • The woman certainly did a costly thing for Jesus. What have you done for Jesus, or seen done by other people, that has come at a high personal cost? (Costly things do not have to be financial. They may be costly to our time, our ambition, or at an extreme, even our life. They can also be costly in less obvious ways such as the ongoing, daily choice of faith).

Thinking further

  • Do you find Jesus beautiful? Or is Jesus useful?
  • Listen to this song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIZ77NormVI (Tim Hughes – Beautiful One)
  • Spend some time silence before Jesus and consider his beauty.
  • Is there a beautiful thing that you could do for Jesus?
  • Is there a beautiful thing that we, as a small group, could do for Jesus?