Healing Our Word - James 3:1-12

Sermon Study Notes

  • What was this week’s sermon about?
  • Has anything challenged you this week?

Our words are powerful

  • Thinking about all aspects of life - history, society, culture, relationships etc – in what ways are words powerful?
  • How have words spoken into or over you as a child shaped the way you view yourself or the world? (The words could have been good or bad)

Our words are poison

Read James 3:1-12

  • What are the different ways James describes the tongue? (I found 12 in all – vv 2, 3, 4, two in v5, four in v6, three in v8 – you may find more)
  • What is the deadly poison that comes from the tongue? (Verse 8. See also James 5:9 – words that are unloving and 5:12 – words that do not speak the plain truth)
  • When can we use ‘speaking the truth’ in an unloving way?
  • When can our fear of conflict or our desire to be liked stop us from speaking the truth?
  • How do we effectively speak the truth in love?

Healing our words

Read Matthew 12:33-37

  • Why can’t our words be controlled by the application of good advice or will power?
  • If we want to change our words, what other change do we need to make? (Our words come from what is within our hearts. So to speak words of love and truth we need to fill our hearts with love and truth – ie Jesus)
  • What is the truth spoken about us as Jesus went to the cross?
  • What is the love?