Church, really? How will I fit in? What’s involved?

At Darling St Church we believe that Jesus really is divinity wrapped up in humanity, come to love, serve and heal the world. That means we are a community where everybody, and by that we mean everybody, is welcome. Seriously. Jesus embraced any and all who came to him. Rich. Poor. Greedy. White collar criminals. Blue collar criminals. Those with a trail of messed up marriages. Sex workers. Addicts. Uber religious dudes. So you will be welcome. Agnostic. Atheist. Divorced. Single. LGBTI. Happily married with 2.4 kids and a labradoodle. Just come. :)

Sunday Service times 

9am at St Mary's
85 Darling Street, Balmain East

10am at St Thomas'
668 Darling Street, Rozelle

5pm at St Thomas'
668 Darling Street, Rozelle

Getting there:

It is super easy to get to either site via bus or car. It can take a while to find somewhere to park in the streets around the church. There are few parking spaces on each site which are reserved for visitors who have let us know they are coming by filling in the form below. So we suggest you arrive 15 minutes early to remove the stress out of parking. 


Planning a visit:

Visiting a church can be a bit of a challenge so here's some information to make it a little easier with dress code - whatever you would wear to walk down Darling St for a coffee. If that's a 3 piece suit, cool, Lululemon yoga gear. Just fine. Speedos - maybe think again!

Children - We love them, they are absolutely and unconditionally welcome at all our services. We want to make visiting Darling St church a great experience for your whole family. Typically what happens in our 10:00 service in Rozelle is that we all start off together, then children from 18 months till Yr 8 head off to safe, fun, well-run, age-specific programs. Nursing infants are welcome to stay in the service, and there are quiet spaces for playing, feeding and nappy changing. Children are welcome at 9 am in East Balmain, there is a play area for them, though no specific program currently runs for them. Children are also more than welcome at 5 pm in Rozelle. 

Name tags. Just like attending a conference or convention, we all wear name tags to make it easier to be friendly. As you enter the main doors, there will be a desk with some super-friendly and helpful service hosts who will write out a name tag for you, answer any questions you might have, and show you to a seat. 

Food. We are big fans of eating and drinking together. After the morning services we often hang around chatting over morning tea for way longer than we'd planned! After the 5 pm service we serve a light meal, so you can visit, worship, eat, and get home to get ready for the week ahead. 

If you are planning to join or come along for a visit then why not fill in the form below and let us know you are coming. We will reserve an on-site car park for you and be ready to make sure you have a great experience.