1 Cor 3 - The Antidote to childish Christianity

Study Notes

  • Was there anything about the sermon this week that you found helpful?
  • Was there anything you that you found challenging?

Read 1 Corinthians 3:1-17

  • In what ways were the Corinthians being ‘mere infants in Christ’? (v3). In what ways can we also be ‘mere infants’
  • What does it look like to be spiritually mature?
  • In what ways does Paul say that we belong to God? (v9) Also look at Exodus 19:5-6 to see how God feels about us belonging to him. (Note, in Exodus, God is speaking to his special people the Israelites, but it also applies to us because through Jesus we are adopted into this family.)
  • Over the centuries many people have been co-workers with God, and he has done wonderful things. He has worked through people in the areas of mission, social reform etc or in the quiet unsung heroes of everyday life. When have you seen or experienced God working though someone else?
  • What is your hope for your legacy as treasured co-worker?
  • What does Paul say about Apollos and Paul as leaders of the church? (v5-8)
  • How can you take initiative in your church community to work toward God’s purpose?
  • What does Paul mean when he says that we are God’s temple (v16)
  • How is this a totally radical shift in the way early Jewish Christians thought about God and about themselves?

To answer the last two questions, think about the purpose of the temple in the Old Testament. Where was God? Why did people come to the temple? How close were people actually able to get to God in the temple? How has the human/God relationship changed?

Respond in prayer

Spend some time in prayer, knowing that we are treasured co-workers with God, and that are his temple. And that in all we do, it is God who ultimately does the growing.