Understanding Spiritual Things - 1 Cor 12

Read 1 Corinthians 12:1-31

  • What did you think or feel as you heard or read this passage?
  • What do you think each of the spiritual gifts refers to? (vv.8-10)
  • How do you feel about the idea of God giving us supernatural gifts?
  • Does everybody have the same gifts? (vv.4–6) Why not? (vv.12-30)
  • Why does God give spiritual gifts to people? (v.7)

In the sermon Mark spoke about the concept of God as white light – and our experience of him being most full when we engage with him in three parts – God the creator (represented by green light), God the son (represented by red light) and the Spirit of God (represented by blue light)

  • In what ways to you find this illustration helpful / unhelpful?

As a church or as individuals we can have a tendency to emphasise one aspect of God over the others. This is not a bad thing, and the different aspects of God are wonderful. Understanding different perspectives however, can help you move toward a fuller experience of God.

  • A focus on God the creator (the green light) may mean that taking responsibility for all of God’s creation is a high priority. We may have a focus on tolerance and social justice. Engagement with science, art and politics may also be a high priority.
  • A focus on God the son (the red light) may mean that placing the cross of Jesus at the centre of all we do is important. We may have a focus on God’s word and in seeking his will. We may focus on evangelism and discipleship and personal devotion and personal ethics are given a high priority.
  • A focus on God the spirit (the blue light) may mean that we focus on God’s spiritual power and ministry may emphasise inner healing and emotional health. We may place a high priority on worship and spiritual experience, and “signs and wonders” may be important.
  • Do you recognise yourself leaning toward any particular “colour” of God?
  • What are the dangers of an emphasis too far in the red? How about too far in the green? Or too far in the blue?
  • Without losing the aspect/s in which you are already strong, what things could you do that would move you to experience God more as a combination of all three colours?